Cashmere Care
Cashmere products are manufactured from the special yarn comes from the rare fibers found in the undercoat of cashmere Himalayan goats. Cashmere products are always luxury items of the winter collection and it is recognized as the finest materials for the colder months of the year. Cashmere, quality and unique properties, which is not only the finest, softest, and warmest yarn, but also the very durable. Before using it, we have to be more conscious about the products and its care. We have to know proper guidelines about this fine material to take care of it. This authentic cashmere product can last 10 years if it is given the right care.  The authentic and high-quality products of cashmere are extremely expensive due to its rare and difficult productions process. This cashmere comes from the hairs and can be washed in water either by hand or washed in the machine as dry cleaned.

Here are some washing instructions to follow:
  • You can wash cashmere attire in cool water (30°C).
  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Use delicate wasting detergent (8+Ph) or you can use special cashmere wool wash (Woolite).
  • In order to make extra softness and fluffy texture, you can use baby shampoo.
  • You should not bleach the garments
  • You can wash in the washing machine too, however, you have to wash through the hand-wash cycle, where you have to make sure that it has a cool temperature around 30c and no more than 30 seconds. You can spin dry and pick it out, if you leave it a long time inside the machine, it may damage your clothes.
  • While washing in dry cleaning, you have to make sure that you are using delicate detergent.
Method of drying cashmere textiles after washed
  • After you washed it clearly, do not wring the garment, you should remove excess water     gently pressing with a towel.
  • You should lay the garment on a flat surface and stretch it while damping it in its original   shape.
  • You should not hang cashmere garments to make dry outside because it will stretch and     lose shape and may be discolored.
  • You should not use direct iron.
The maintenance and storage of cashmere textile
  • You should not hang cashmere garments because it will lose shape, you can fold them and put them safely.
  • If you are not wearing it for an extended period then you should place it inside a sealable garment container to protect it from moths but you should place lavender or mothballs inside.
  • You should protect it from the Nylon (belts or jackets) which may damage the fabric.
  • After using cashmere garments, it may appear small balls of fiber which is also known as pills, it can be removed by hands or you can also use cashmere comb to remove it.