What is the difference between Cashmere and Pashmina?
Although there is a difference between these two types of fabrics, small numbers of us only can recognize the difference between Pashmina and Cashmere. The term Cashmere is usually named in the western world, which is known as soft clothing material, originally taken from the Kashmir of India and Pakistan. Cashmere wool is normally obtained from the subspecies of goat’s inhabitant in Nepal, Tibet, and Kashmir. Pashmina, the name is derived from the locals, they usually used to call these types of fabric, which word comes from the Pashm. Basically, Pashmina is also a kind of wool obtained from the inner hair of specific goats. Pashmina is considered a finer wool, which has a premium quality after carefully cleaned, combed and spun. Pashmina is usually used to manufacture scarves and shawls due to its softer and lighter quality as compared to cashmere. Cashmere is a little bit coarser and thicker as compared to Pashmina wool, while cashmere wool is simpler to spin. There is also a difference between cashmere and pashmina wool, Cashmere wool has a diameter between 16 to 19 microns while Pashmina has a 10 to 16 microns diameter.      

How to wash Cashmere garments at home?
These days, Cashmere garments are one of the most luxurious attire to make sophisticated outfits and it is gaining more popularity among the people throughout the world. Although, it is a soft, and durable products, which can be maintained at home by the users itself. As it is an expensive and precious product, which required more care while washing and drying. Users can wash at home rather than dry cleaning it in a laundry or in the washing machine. All the cashmere products are best to wash with warm water at home rather than using chemicals hot water. Users should be very careful while washing cashmere products because small mistakes of your may damage your clothes. If you use hot water, it may cause the problem of the colors bleeding and seems to discolor.  It will be better to follow a simple procedure during washing your cashmere clothes. At first, you have to add soft detergent powder into water. According to the amount of water and the clothes, you can use detergent powder (one teaspoon of soft detergent for 4 liters water). Then you can slowly swirl the cloth into the water around five minutes but don’t rub or stretch it and do not soak it for long, it may cause pilling and start to fading. After doing this, you should finish the soap water and again refill the vessel with clean water and soak the cloth until the soap suds will be left in cloth. Then press the cloth slowly and remove soap water. Finally, hang the cloth in shadow or indoor without any creases in a flat position. Do not dry cloth direct to the sunlight. By applying some useful cashmere sweater washing tips, you can make your clothes soft and useable for a long period.

To know different Grades of Authentic Cashmere? Do you offer ‘A’ grade Cashmere? 
To recognize authentic cashmere products is quite challenging for novice users because the quality of all cashmere products may not be the same. There are different methods to follow during the process which determines the quality of the . Usually, on the basis of cashmere fitness and length of cashmere hairs, we can decide of the products. There are also categorized cashmere wool into three Grades including Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.Grade A cashmere is determining as quality of cashmere which is thin and long. The first-grade cashmere in Nepal is very small which can go as low as 14 microns and 36 mm long. Subsequently, the second grade (B-Grade) cashmere is almost twice thinner than grade C cashmere, which has around 19 microns. And lastly, Grade C cashmere is considered as quality, which is very thick fiber and diameter with around 30 microns. As compared to Grade A and B , Grade C cashmere is quite cheap. Rita Cashmere Pvt. Ltd. all three grades of cashmere products.
What Quality of Cashmere do you offer?
Rita Cashmere Pvt. Ltd. offers all of all kinds of quality cashmere products to our valued customers, but It is quite difficult to recognize its quality to the customers. The quality of cashmere is remarkably different than lower quality cashmere. Quality cashmere can be recognized by looking at its appearances and by touching it, while you can find out low-quality cashmere by finding its chemical soak additives and extra softness. If the cashmere is ‘A’ grade, you will find ultra-soft, as if it is melting in your sensitive skin, while touching. You can use the next idea as well, you can hold it up to the light, which will look radiant in color without any shin. During our testing process, pure cashmere should be light in weight.  

What purity of cashmere do you offer?
Rita Cashmere Pvt. Ltd. a of cashmere products available to choose from.We also have so many products that are manufactured by using pure and authentic cashmere wools. We will provide you the quality cashmere products, which can be guaranteed lifetime purity. On the other hand, we also have some products which are made from of cashmere and silk as well, because some customers prefer such types of mixed products.
What is pilling? What is the pilling grade on your Cashmere?
Cashmere products main disadvantage is its pilling problem. It occurs due to excessive friction and tangling of clothes on any hard surface. This pilling looks really unattractive and hideous for the clothes you are wearing. Although it is quite difficult to prevent cashmere pilling entirely, it can certainly reduce the amount of pilling by caring for your garment properly. It can be easily removed by using a cashmere comb or garment bristle brush. After washing cashmere garments, you can lie the garments flat and use the comb and brushing in one direction to gently remove pills. The grade of pilling on cashmere products depends on the type of hair that been used. There are different reasons that cashmere products are causing the pill problems; Friction and tangling, Crimps, the tendency to pill by fiber type; Angola > ram > cashmere >camel > mohair > alpaca, Foreign objects and static, Humidity and Heat and many more.

Which are the best seasons to wear Cashmere garments?
Generally, people think cashmere garments can only wear in winter but cashmere is not just a winter type fabric. We also manufacture featherweight cashmere T-shirts, tank tops, and scarves, which are perfect layering pieces for spring too.

How long will it take to ship my order?
Rita Cashmere Pvt. Ltd. is usually processed order within 2 to 4 business days unless otherwise stated in the product description or your confirmation email. After the date of purchase, we will promptly be processed for the shipment.

How do I select the correct size for order?
Rita Cashmere Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Cashmere products, which are luxuries, new and fashionable cashmere garments that are knitted by using 100 % authentic Nepali fur cashmere of Himalayan goats. It is one of the most preferable items among the many people due to its unique quality, design, durable, downy soft, breathable, fine texture, extra soft feel and ability to keep you perfectly warm.  It is available in a variety of sizes, colors, weight, and styles to choose from. This fascinating cashmere products are really soft and lightweight and can be categorized according to our valued customer's preferable sizes, colors, and designs. It is very warm and comfortable to wear and also provides lucrative appearances to your attire senses. Rita Cashmere manufacture a variety of design cashmere products with good finishing and provides you within the competitive price.

Do you have a report?
If our customer desire to see test report of authentication of Cashmere products, its manufacturing process, testing reports, we can guarantee you that Rita Cashmere is a certified cashmere manufacturing company in Nepal.