Washing and Softening
No doubt that Cashmere products are one of the most luxurious items to wear and it is popular among the people throughout the world. Although it is a soft, and durable, it can be maintained at home itself. Cashmere products are precious and the users should treat cashmere with care. It is better to wash at home rather than dry cleaning it in a laundry or in a washing machine.
How to wash Cashmere at home
The best way to wash Cashmere products at home with warm water rather than using hot water with chemicals, which might damage your products (clothes). If you use hot water to wash cashmere clothes then the colors of the clothes may bleed and seem to discolor. While washing you have to follow simple producers. At first, you have to add soft detergent powder into water. According to the amount of water and the clothes, you can use detergent powder (one teaspoon of soft detergent for 4 liters water). Then you can slowly swirl the cloth into the water around five minutes but don’t rub or stretch it and do not soak it for long, it may cause pilling and start to fading. After doing this, you should finish the soap water and again refill the vessel with clean water and soak the cloth until the soap suds will be left in cloth. Then press the cloth slowly and remove soap water. Finally, hang the cloth in shadow or indoor without any creases in a flat position. Do not dry cloth direct to the sunlight. By applying some useful cashmere sweater washing tips, you can make your clothes soft and useable for a long period.